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Peg & Greg

Peg & Greg is our unique family show! Entertainment for children, big kids and grown ups alike!

Peg & Greg travel the world helping animals in need with their good friend Bananas the Monkey.

Bananas is having a problem with his belongings going missing! Is it a ghost or is it the Gorilla next door?

Packed full of great songs, lively dancing and some top notch family fun! The show is approx. 40 minutes long with a 20 minute meet & greet.

Peg & Greg is a semi educational children's show that has an important message of equality and self-esteem at it's core

Some of the themes covered in the show include:

Information about animals

Anti-bullying themes

Self esteem and diversity

Perfect for any venue wishing to attract families and provide excellent entertainment for younger audience members! Peg & Greg can be performed inside a venue or outside! The set is completely adaptable and can be shrunk down to fit into a smaller space if needed making our show very versatile.

Book an individual show or a full day of performances!